Our Story

By bringing together the international quality standards of Renaissance Jewellery and the contemporary design expertise of Leshna Shah, Aurelle was created for the modern woman – one who cherishes her individuality no matter what she wears or where she goes. Keeping this in mind, we at Aurelle ensure that each piece is as unique as its wearer.

Featuring only the highest quality diamonds, pearls and gemstones, Aurelle brings you jewellery that’s meant to be worn, passed on, and can never be outdated. Inspired by exclusivity, crafted with care and designed with perfection; why fit in when you’re meant to stand out?

Aurelle is about ‘the glow’- be it in life, creation, or your accessory!

Leshna Shah

Founder and Creative Designer


Right from movements in nature, stellar architecture to the rawness of materials sourced to craft the jewellery, Leshna believes in staying true to the source of inspiration. Combined with her knowledge in manufacturing, she ensures an appropriate setting for each piece - thereby ensuring not only splendor but also functionality.

Aurelle At Work / Behind The Brand

Aurelle comprises of an international team of designers and merchandisers, highly skilled craftsmen and state of the art factory equipment with the latest technology and CAD-CAM machinery for casting, harmonizing together to craft premier quality jewellery at attractive prices.

Aurelle is armed with a team of international designers and merchandisers, highly skilled craftsmen and a state of the art factory, equipped with latest technology and CAD-CAM machinery for casting.